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First session as a Coach

October 4, 2013

Started my coaching with Summer, a friend who loves people and has lots of passions about many things in life.  She didn’t know much about coaching but was willing to give it a try.

Summer has always shared with me about people she read in the newspapers, how encouraged she was to read about their passion or determination to pursue their dreams; or how humble and relatable a successful person was when she had a chance to meet up with them.  So armed with some pointers and keep reminding myself to focus on listening and being there for her instead of following the structure, I started with a question, “Imagine, five years from today you were featured in The Straits Times,  what would you want written about you?”.

“A wine bar owner.”  Summer said.  Everyone knows this about Summer.  But as we explored further, interesting ideas I didn’t know came out, she never thought much or wanted to share them because she didn’t know if it’s achievable to have a wine bar in the first place.  And we both had a vivid picture of the wine bar in our mind including the location, the theme, the deco of the place, the food, the people and the atmosphere of this future business she wants to own.

As we progressed, Summer said that she was so fearful she could feel her heart tremble.

She identified five key areas she has to establish in order to work towards owning a wine bar.  And then the first action plan of one of these key areas so she could get started, and work on what’s most achievable now to get her on track.  We then zoomed in to discuss details for this first-step including the what/how/when/backup and accountability.  Summer has a clear goal and feeling motivated to get started.  We will speak again and maybe next step is to work on a structure to support this pursuit. 

I applied following in this session, to listen, ask questions, probe further, checking on the emotion & energy level, stop and wait, hold back my opinions, acknowledge, and most importantly to relax and just focus on being there to walk with client as she was exploring and finding her ways.

One Comment
  1. summer permalink

    This coaching session has got me clearer and nearer to my goal . It is also like an accountability session reminding me that although is tough to reach the goal but still , it is attainable.

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