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Reflecting on Self-Development: 1 year later

August 21, 2013

I have just finished this evening’s class on Self Development, reflecting on the discussion and did up my development plan according to the template.


  • How does self-development plan need to be to each individual?
  • What happen if it’s not?
  • What is my structure?
  • Is it working well still and moving me towards my goals?
  • Is it right for me?
  • How’s my progress?
  • Am I acknowledging my achievements, no matter how little they are?

Filling up the development plan and the planning were easy.   How to eventually keep the momentum and measuring progress/success are keys.  So I checked my blog written when I was attending the first Self Development class.  I wrote 2 goals then:  1) To be able to coach confidently in any areas; 2) Better self-care in the following areas:  Communication skills, health, grooming and professionalism.

And here’s what I see:

  1.  A little step in sending request to look for clients.  Disappointed that I took so long, but glad I finally took a step.
  2.  Self care:
  • Communication:  Completing my Toastmaster CC soon, did a few impromptu evaluations and I thought I did very well.
  • Health – Greatly improved after my surgery and putting in effort to eat, rest and exercise well.  Way to go and need to work on improving fitness and better physique.
  • Grooming – More effort when I go to work/church.
  • Professionalism – More awareness and effort in presenting myself in positive ways.
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